Shelby & Meg

Shelby & Meg

Sandy Johnson visited Santa Fe and saw my work at a gallery on Canyon Road.

After arriving back home she decided to contact me regarding painting a commission of her two dachshunds, Shelby and Meg.

Sandy had seen one of the Tag Day images I had painted for the American Humane and wanted me to incorporate some of those
characteristics in her painting.

Oh - my - Gosh! There are no words! As I knew it would be, it is FABULOUS! I love their faces and their eyes - so expressive (such a hallmark of your work)! I love Shelby (the fat, black combo) being front and center, but I love the coloring on Meg - I've never had a dog so gray and you really captured that. LOVE the colors, love the background, love it all! Thank you so much! I can just say you met every expectation and MORE! FABULOUS!

— Sandy Johnson - Kansas City, Missouri