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Lori Faye Bock and her husband purchased a 260 year old adobe farmhouse in the agricultural community of Los Silvestres, just above the tiny hamlet of Abiquiu, New Mexico in 1990. After extensive renovations, the Bocks moved into their home along the Chama River as they relocated from Santa Fe in October 1990. Prior to moving, hundreds of Austrian Pine and Ponderosa Pine evergreen seedlings were planted on the eight and a half acre farm.

Tressie, Meri Ali and Abby

Three cats, Meri Ali, Abby & Tressie occupy the inside residence while Fanny, the exterior cat, patrols the outside for mice. Dreamboat, the Belgium Shepherd rescued from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in the summer of 1991, serves as the goodwill ambassador between the cats inside and the other dogs and flock of sheep outside, like a friendly nightclub bouncer or a charming doorman at one of the cheap hotels in town. Dreamboat is the PR officer and peacekeeper!


Von Bock Farm is named for the ancestral roots of Richard Bock, Lori Faye's husband. The farm is known by locals for the distinctive flock of Jacob sheep raised by the Bock's.

Shepherd Richard Bock
and baby Windsor.

The Jacob sheep
Marissa and son Preston

These sheep, which trace their lineage back to the Book of Genesis, have a fine fleece of black and white wool as well as two to six horns. In addition, in a flock which now totals over 50 sheep, other breeds, including Merino, Suffolk, Perindale and Churro have been crossbred with the Jacobs, producing a magnificent flock of spotted sheep.


Shearing takes place during Memorial Day Weekend at the Von Bock Farm. The wool is then contracted out to be washed, carded and spun and made into wonderful natural blankets without the use of any chemicals or dyes. Generally, the ewes are bred for lambing to take place during January and February. Von Bock Farm is even more magical during this time of the year. Five dogs in addition to Dreamboat patrol the farm and watch over the sheep. Panda and Sally are Border Collies born with instincts to herd, while Bianca and Blitzen, Great White Pyrenees, are the "Great Protectors." Wags, a terrier mix, wandered onto the farm a few years ago and keeps Dreamboat (who is 11 years old) on her toes.

Dinner Time

Dreamboat & Wags
frolicking in backyard

The Bock's organized the first two Abiquiu Studio Tours of local artists in the mid 1990's. If you are interested in being kept informed about this year's tour and other events at Von Bock Farm, please feel free to join our mailing list. Your name, address or e-mail will not be sold, rented, loaned or given to any other person or organization, but will remain a private link between you and Lori Faye Bock.




Lori Faye Bock
Von Bock Farm
Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510

Contact Lori Faye Bock at: info@lorifayebock.com

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